Affordable Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorney and Affordable Irving Bankruptcy Attorney

At the Law Offices of Michael P. O'Donnell, we are acutely aware of the financial strain our potential clients are under. Therefore, we offer affordable payment plans to address each case individually because each case has a different set of circumstances. We make our fees competitive and, in some cases, we can file a case with minimal down payment on attorney’s fees--which often may be paid in installments. The exact fee charged and the amount required down is always determined on a case by case basis and depends upon various factors such as the number and type of creditors, the extent of the assets, the number of previous bankruptcies (if any), as well as the district in which the case is filed and the amount of time involved to handle the case.

If you have questions about an affordable bankruptcy, I recommend consulting a qualified Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney. Although there are many Fort Worth bankruptcy attorneys to choose from, my office distinguishes itself by giving you personalized, caring service. As an experienced and dedicated Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney, I can offer advice on how to proceed based on your specific situation.  You and I can meet face to face to discuss your options. To schedule a FREE consultation, please contact me at (817) 732-7590 or (972) 819-3861. You can also send me an E-mail or complete the Free Case Evaluation