A Note to Homeowners

Scammers are targeting people having trouble paying their mortgages.  Here are some ways to avoid scams that could make your housing situation go from bad to worse.

"We can stop your foreclosure!" "Guaranteed to save your home!" "97% success rate!"

Filing bankruptcy can stop your foreclosure, but if a non-attorney makes claims like these its a sure sign of a rip-off. 

Don't pay anyone who promises to get you a new mortgage.  These so-called "foreclosure rescue companies" claim they can help save your home, but they're out to make a quick buck.

Some con artists use names, phone numbers, and websites to make it appear they're a part of the government.  If you want to contact a government agency, look up the web address or use a phone number listed on the agency website or in other reliable sources like the phone book.

Some scammers offer to handle financial arrangements for you, but instead pocket your payment.  Send your mortgage payments only to your mortgage servicer.

For information on how to save your home through bankruptcy, I recommend consulting a qualified Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney.  Although there are many Fort Worth bankruptcy attorneys to choose from, my office distinguishes itself by giving you personalized, caring service.  As an experienced and dedicated Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney, I can offer advice on how to proceed based on your specific situation.  You and I can meet face to face to discuss your options.  I look forward to helping you save your home.  To schedule a FREE consultation, please contact me at (817) 732-7590 or (972) 819-3861.  You can also send me an E-mail or complete the Free Case Evaluation.