Filing An Emergency Bankruptcy To Save Your Property

When you need to file bankruptcy immediately to stop a foreclosure or a repossession or for other reasons, consider filing an emergency bankruptcy case.  We will file a "bare-bones" petition containing the essential information needed to commence your case.  Your case will be filed in either the Fort Worth division or the Dallas Division of the Northern District of Texas bankruptcy courts, depending on your place of residence or the location of your primary assets.  We have convenient offices in Fort Worth and in Irving to facilitate filing.  After filing we have fourteen days to complete the bankruptcy paperwork.  An emergency filing can do many things, including stopping the repossession of your vehicle, stopping the foreclosure on your home, and stopping the IRS from garnishing your wages, due to the imposition of the automatic stay immediately upon your filing, which acts as an injunction against creditor action.

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to use when the circumstances warrant it.   For more information on bankruptcy and how it might help you, I recommend consulting a qualified Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney.  As an experienced and dedicated Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney, I can offer advice on how to proceed based on your specific situation.  You and I can meet face to face to discuss your options.  I look forward to helping you become debt free.  To schedule a FREE consultation, please contact me at (817) 732-7590 or (972) 819-3861.  You can also send me an E-mail or complete the Free Case Evaluation.,