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People who come into my office to discuss their situation often have a great many questions. Will I lose my house? Can they take my car? How do I stop them from taking my wages?  If you’ve received a Certified Letter or a letter from the IRS – you need immediate help. The IRS won’t forget. Your taxes won’t go away. It’s important that you act now. Because I have a small law office, I’m able to provide each of my clients with one-on-one attention. My clients are not numbers or case files. My clients are real people with important issues.  As a Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyer,  I can keep my caseload down, so I can monitor the progress of your case and answer your questions.

I enjoy helping people.  I receive personal satisfaction from finding solutions for people who are facing the stress of not being able to pay their bills.  Following is one of the letters I have received from clients whom I helped obtain debt relief through bankruptcy:

"Thank you so so much for everything you and your firm has done to support me through the last 5 years.

I hope I never need your professional assistance again, but I will certainly recommend you to anyone who does.

 Best wishes and thanks again,

Thomas C. "


In addition to my focus on bankruptcy law, I also help families, individuals and small businesses with other legal needs.  For those who are sued for non-payment of debts, and choose not to file bankruptcy, I can provide defense of those lawsuits.   Estate planning is another area in which I practice – primarily in the drafting of wills.  Small businesses regularly need legal services and for those clients I will act as legal counsel for business formations and buying and selling real estate.  My practice in these areas makes me more knowledgeable about the law and able to advise you than a practitioner who limits his practice to bankruptcy alone.

If you need assistance related to a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, or in any other matter please do not hesitate to call me and my Fort Worth bankruptcy team at (817)-732-7590 or (972)-819-3861 for an appointment or contact us via E-mail.



I have been practicing law since 1982 and handling bankruptcies since 1984.  I consider it my privilege to have helped so many families and individuals get the fresh start they deserve and peace of mind they deserve.

I am a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney.  I am licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of the State of Texas and admitted before the federal district courts and bankruptcy courts for the Northern District of Texas and am a member of the local debtor bankruptcy bar association.

I keep my caseload at a moderate size in order to be able to provide each of my clients with one-on-one attention.  I see my clients not as numbers or case files, but as real people with important issues.

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